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Sculpture information

Sculpture information - Iron sculpture of a cockerillWelding is used as the joining technique and the finish can be any of the following: rust patina, uncoated stainless steel, Hammerite paint or powder coated. The powder coated sculptures are a little more expensive but are more resistant to rust. The Hammerite and powder coated sculptures are available in a wide variety of colours.

There are various mounting and fixing options available for many of the sculptures. For example, they can be set in stone, wood, or on a spike, which allows them to be placed anywhere, including inside. Our Flower Sculptures are a new line of sculptures designed specifically for indoor use and as such have a felt base.

The website displays all the sculptures made to-date and some of the colours and fixings previously used. It is not an exhaustive display. If you would like a specific sculpture designed and/or made, or to attach to something specific, we are happy to help. For more Sculpture information, simply ‘phone or email us so we can discuss the possibilities.

* All prices are approximate due to type of steel, finish, and availability of materials.

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